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Topics to be Covered

Middle East Shipowners’ Forum 2021 offers presentations within below topics from industry experts and executives along with attendees’ discussions and to share knowledge and experiences:

Session 1: Lebanon as a Flagstate, Reality and Status.

  • Conditions and Fees for Registration and Certification, COC & Endorsements, & Marine Surveys.
  • Shipowners ’view of the Lebanese Flag.
  • Demands, Challenges, Obstacles, and Proposed Solutions.
  • Ship Owners’ / Ship Operators’ Needs.
  • Current and Future Maritime Transport Projects.
  • Highlighting the Role of the Maritime Transport in the national economy.
  • Strengthening Human Resources Training and Specialized Professionals to Contribute in the Renaissance of this Vital Sector.
  • The role of Academic Institutes in Providing the Market with the Required Skilled Man Power, and Encouraging the Implementation of Modern Innovative Techniques in the Field of Training and Maritime Education.
  • Expanding Human Resource Capabilities, Qualification and Management in the Shipping Industry.
  • Youth Reluctance to Study the Maritime Academic Programs (Issues and Solutions).
  • Local and Regional Legislation Position That is Necessary to Facilitate Investment in Ships and Shipping Projects.

Session 2: What Shipowners are waiting for During the Current Decade: Concerns and Challenges.

  • The Latest Regulatory Developments in the International Maritime Organization.
  • Moving Towards Alternative Green Energy; the Future Fuel for Ships.
  • New Ship Designs and Autonomous Ships Technologies.
  • Maritime Communication Technology and Its Role in Ending the Traditional Methods of Ship, Crew Communication, and Training Onboard.
  • The Maritime Transport Sector: Present and Future with Current Challenges.
  • Introducing the Latest Technologies and Innovations in the Shipping Industry.
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