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The Organizer

Middle East Shipowners’ Forum 2021, is professionally organized by Robban Assafina, the regional maritime media platform that is sailing in the maritime media and networking since 2009, with direct connections to regional and international decision makers, who ensured a high level of participation, and still, in all accomplished activities and events.

Robban Assafina is keen to provide an effective yard for access, exchange of maritime knowledge and networking. With our progressive and synergistic maritime approach, we are able to offer distinguished themes and new directions for you to navigate your course safely to seek the best opportunities for your business development.

Through Robban Assafina, the Unique Maritime MENA Publication, Website, and Smart Phones’ Application, is a regional intensive maritime media services was developed side by side with training courses/workshops in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region, with a specialized crew of Maritime Experts, Masters & Engineers, who focus directly on shipbuilding, ships, ports, yachts, and everything related to the world of Marine Navigation, Communication and Machineries.

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