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  • Introducing the current status of the shipping, especially after Beirut Port explosion.
  • Shedding light on the advantages of registration in the Lebanese flag and the advantages granted to ship owners and operators.
  • Discussing the challenges with stakeholders to develop the Lebanese flag together, and address recommendations and solutions.
  • Activating Lebanon’s role as an important destination for ship registration.
  • Highlight the vital role of the maritime transport to the national economy, and provides an integrated environment that supports the sustainable development process for this sector.
  • Presenting the most prominent regulatory developments in the International Maritime Organization.
  • Moving towards alternative green energy, changes in ship designs, and autonomous ships technology.
  • Gathering for the Shipping/Maritime/Offshore industries to find cooperation opportunities and exchange of ideas as well as experiences, which opens the way for business development.
  • Human resources and specialized professionals strengthening and training to contribute to the renaissance of this vital sector.
  • Ships’ digitization, operations and the role of satellite communications.
  • Introducing the latest technologies in the shipping industry.
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